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Editor’s Notes on Silence

Silence is a meaningful and rich means of communication and it speaks powerfully in photography, the visual arts, literature, and poetry. Silence is loud in how it forces the reader or viewer to feel words rather than hear or read them. Silence is not emptiness but the presence of something which is not sound.

Silence is a revelation of so many hidden things. You can sense what is hiding in the photography of Kak Sok Phirom.  You can feel the unspoken grief.

We invite you to hear the silence in our magazine.


There is silence in Cambodia now.


COVID-19 is not killing many of us, but it is destroying our way of feeding our families. People are questioning their survival.

Sometimes the people I meet will tell me about their troubles. Sometimes I do not dare to ask.  Their troubles scream in their silence. I try to find this growing silence and capture its voice in my photography. Silence is potent. It is loud. Silent grief speaks about our fears and how they will scream in our ears for many years. 

– Kak Sok Phirom

Phirom Photographer

Rights to all photography belong to Kak Sok Phirom and no use may be made of them without written permission.